Sunday, 5 August 2012

Loveliest Links

Hello dears! I hope you've had a beautiful weekend :) 

I'm feeling pretty lucky that I've found such a lovely group of girls here already, and I'm particularly excited that they've all got their finger on the pulse of the city! Last night was a party celebrating the one year anniversary of Color - my new favorite vintage clothing shop! Picked up a few delightful pieces that I'm excited to share with you later this week! 

Trying to do that whole 'dressed to impress' thing. Dress from H&M, heels from Payless.

My fashionable friends! Note the free wine in the foreground...
<3 Speaking of the party last night, I definitely spent 9 hours in those heels. Dancing at more than one point. They're not so bad on the comfort scale, but my feet are still in an enraged disbelief that I would do that to them, and probably rightfully so! Anyway, next time I'll be following these 10 brilliant tips about making heels more comfortable. There's a couple of amazing ideas in there (like number 5 and 6!) that I've never heard of before! 

<3 The Globetrotter girls have put up an excellent post about listening to podcasts while you're on the road. The comment section has turned into a delightful round-up of even more podcast recommendations, including some by yours truly. If you love listening to podcasts, check it out. If you haven't yet gotten into podcasts, SERIOUSLY CHECK IT OUT! 

<3 One thing I love about the idea of kicking it in Phnom Penh for more than my usual year-long stint in a place is that I can start to build up a wardrobe. It always seems so funny to me to read articles instructing readers how to go about purging your closet, with points like "once a year, switch the order of the clothes in your closet - you'll find pieces you've forgotten you had!" I love fashion, but knowing that all of things must fit into two suitcases when I leave has always limited my shopping mindset.
But NOW! Now I'm ready to actually build a full wardrobe, and I am loving this list by The Everygirl about 21 fashion essentials for 20-somethings. Such a great guideline for the upcoming shopping... though I get to cross a few off before I even start (goodbye cold weather coat!).
Bonus: They've just added a part two!

Hope your week ahead is delightful! I'm starting work tomorrow - it'll be my first time at a job in over 4 months! I'm seriously crossing my fingers that I can remember how to do this teaching thing...!

xx Lady Expatriate