Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Fave: The Dollhouse

Lovely readers, in case you missed all of the previous references, I'm on a slight Roaring 20's / Great Gatsby kick. Slight. Almost unnoticeable? Rather subtle, really.

Basically the trailer for the upcoming $127m spectacle starring Leo and the divine Carey Mulligan has been on repeat in our house. Partner In Crime loves it! (No, no he doesn't. I think I have about 3 replay opportunities before the trailer is forevermore banned during the hours that both of us kids are at home.) Anyway, all of the flash and fashion and passion in the trailer has clearly infiltrated my brain, as has the influence that this era has recently had on the fashion industry at large.
Warning: This part may seem unrelated to the above, but please do hear me out!
So, yesterday, I woke up feeling most melancholic, which I attribute to the tiresomely predictable yet intense desire to get a pet as soon as I settle into a new place. What better way to overcome the blues than to spend a few hours being pampered and preened?

Off I went to The Dollhouse - a salon that all of my expat girlfriends swear by, and promptly let Ryan, the "Dollmaster," go to town on my locks.

I had taken in pictures of Carey Mulligan showing a cute short blonde cut with a fringe and a bunch of volume in the back. Ryan quickly dismissed the fringe, explaining that the heat here would have me constantly pushing it off my face and into disgraceful disarray. He loved the bob idea, though, and promptly name-dropped Louise Brooks as another influence he was envisioning for my cut. I could have screamed with joy - this guy totally got what I was going for! 

A luxurious shampoo and head massage followed, a curtain of hair was was cut away, and then Ryan guided me in brainstorming color options. The below result came about after we decided upon "Natural... but on the extreme edge of natural" for the highlights. It felt like heaven to be able to communicate with a hair stylist, and I enjoyed every moment of sipping Perrier and reading the latest English Vogue and Marie Claire while the color set. 

Enough dallying, you say: time for the reveal! Get on with it, girlie! Well, dear readers, I'm a massive fan of the Before and After, superficial as it may be. Thus... 

In the spirit of infomercial Before's, here I am sans makeup after a day of hiking round Ta Prohm Temple, provided in hopes of making the After snap seem particularly dramatic and most good. Shall we?


Doing my best 'Doll / Daisy' impression.
If after seeing this snap even one single person calls to mind "Gatsby? What Gatsby?" then I consider myself a woman with a goal accomplished. And OH how much better it feels during the muggy rainy season! 

So ladies (and gents, but of course) - when in Phnom Penh, believe the hype: Ryan is wonnnderful, and he has created a gorgeous space to bring ideas and influences and turn them into something that works with your own pretty face. Cannot recommend The Dollhouse enough! 

Cheers to you, lovelies, and Happy Friday! I'm off to go practice drawing on cupid's bow lips...

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Note to fellow teachers:
Isn't observing your students' reactions one of the most entertaining aspects of a big appearance change? My students went nuts! I think the funniest is when they ask "Teacher - haircut?" and I deny it with a quizzical look on my face, savoring the momentary confusion that clouds their faces before they realize I'm pulling their leg... Oh delightful.