Thursday, 2 August 2012

Adventurous August - Monthly Goals!

So this set of monthly goals finds me living in a different city, in a different country, and on a different continent than the last. Surely that will make things interesting for this month's list?

With new friends on the streets of Phnom Penh. Apparently I like taking pictures of cow statues?

Accountability and all that: how did last month's set of goals go?

  1. Get a job in Cambo - this one is firmly a work in progress
  2. Find a beauty apartment in Cambo
  3. Finish up all Canadian banking stuff
  4. Sort out my Dad's and my Grandma's birthday presents and homemade cards before I leave
  5. Finish 5 more sessions of Elsie's Blog Love E-Course  - pretty close! I'm going to blame lack of internet for this one :)
  6. Read The Great Gatsby and 3 other books - did not expect to like Gatsby so much! What a book! 

So what's in store for the month ahead?

  1. Get a job (sound familiar?) 
  2. Figure out how to fix the mess that American Airlines made of our tickets. BAH.
  3. Try that beer hair rinse that I linked to awhile back
  4. Figure out how to find a leather shop to pop another hole in my belt. Apparently dress pants sit a bit higher than jeans, and right now I'm looking pretty silly going to interviews with a baggy belt. That is then taped to my pants using fashion tape. Soooo professional - gah. 
  5. Make another Kiva loan!  
  6. Learn how to count from 1 - 100 in Khmer. 
  7. Be a super-adultish adult and secure some effing health insurance. So my Mom won't worry anymore.
  8. Get Cambodia visa renewed. Um, so I can stay in the place that I've leased for a year. Makes sense, right?! Probably should get on that... 
  9. Buy lots and lots of plants to fill our massive balcony with life! Instead of nothing, like currently. 

Hooray for August! Bring it ON! 

Do tell:
What are your goals for the month ahead? Got any real doozies? Please share in the comments!

xx Lady Expatriate