Saturday, 21 July 2012

Things we found in the apartment...

So our lovely landlady let it drop that the last tenant was a lone male, which we actually could have guessed after gazing upon the grime that was sitting pretty in a few places. Sorry bachelor boys - the stereotype really has proved true a whole lot more than not, in my experience!
Anyways, I reckon it's always interesting to see what the previous tenants have left in apartments. A little window into a life that you can otherwise imagine solely by the dirt left in their wake. 

Korea was pretty fun in that regard. In Korea, apartments are provided by your employer. Most contracts seemed to include a clause about the basic equipment included in those apartments, meaning they tended to come stocked with things like plates, cutlery, and all the junk that the last employee left behind. Sometimes a pain, sometimes a gold mine, always interesting! 

Not so much, I suppose, in Cambo, since nearly everyone seems to stock the necessities for themselves. About 24 hours in, and all the legacy we've found of those who've come before us can so far be summed up in three photos:

BONUS! Found $4.30 Canadian, and a couple assorted other coins! Just my lucky day, I suppose.

Random keys. Look like none of the keys that are for our apartment. Curiosity abounds.

Biggest mortar and pestle I've ever personally had possession of. You seriously need two hands to pick this sucker up.

And thus concludes our Finding Stuff in the Apartment adventure... at least for now! Nothing too surprising/shocking/scandalous, but, hey - $4.30 off on the rent isn't a bad deal, either. 

Do tell:
Have you ever found anything really creepy/crazy in your new apartment? I'm dying to hear what. Oh please do share in the comments!

xx Lady Expatriate