Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sometimes I Hand in Resumes and Get Called Two Hours Later. I Like Those Days.

Why yes ladies and sirs, I'm off to the cleaners first thing tomorrow morning. Dropped off my best dress trousers to be turned into (hopefully) the least-creased black pants you ever did see, as opposed to the most-creased ones they were previously today.

Why all the rush to iron some silly old pants? Because, my dears, I have a job interview!

I literally dropped off my CV (cover letter, resume, two profresh photos - more on that in another post) at 1pm today, and had an interview request by 3! Shan't take it too personally, yet though... seems like that's just the way it goes here!

So, obviously minus the pantaloons, which I will hopefully/obviously be adding by tomorrow, here's my interview outfit plan:

The Tommy Hilfiger double-cuffed shirt was actually passed to me from one of my besties in Seoul before I left, my earrings are from one Grandma, and my delicate multi-chain necklace is from my other Grandma. Perhaps they'll bring me some good luck?! I'll add a ladylike topknot and pair of black leather wedges and will hopefully come off polished and professional. Unless I'm extremely sweaty, which I will likely be. Because Cambodia.

I do hope you'll excuse my, some might say, slightly unprofessional backdrop... but, you see, time's a ticking! Resumes must be reviewed, intelligent interview answers must be contemplated, and beauty sleep must definitely be had! 
xx Lady Expatriate