Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rainy Season Arrivals: The Return to Phnom Penh!

After literally 45 hours of travel (Toronto --> LAX --> Guangzhou --> Phnom Penh), 1 very lost bag, and 3 of those packaged buns that come with airplane food that I always eat despite knowing they're garbage... 

We're back in Phnom Penh! 

A few years ago, Partner In Crime and I had a solid run of seemingly chasing winter around the world, hitting up Canada for a visit home, then Australia, then Korea - all during our least favourite season. Bah! This time we landed just as rainy season is starting to drop some serious precipitation on the city. Should make delivering resumes and showing up for interviews a breeze, right?! I actually didn't know my hair could get this curly! 

These kids look pretty happy to be back on a tuk tuk!
So far, we're settled into a one-room apartment for July, we've got a phone, and we've had a wicked good two days with our buddies who've lived here for awhile. 

Next up? 
  1. We've got to get our return airfare refunded. SUCH a PANIC when we showed up at the Toronto Airport and the AmAirlines lady was all "we cannot allow you to get on this flight without an exit ticket from the country" - which, as you can imagine, is definitely not enforced in Cambo. Thank goodness Mummy was there with her magic sky-high-limit plastic card! Now to make sure those tickets come off it real fast. HATE dealing with airlines!
  2. To continue the last theme.... still have to sort out my poor Partner In Crime's bag situation. He's not sure to be relieved or bummed that the bag that made it here is filled with all of his business wear and none of his casual stuff. I'm so bummed on his behalf, but I guess the upside is that he might wear a tie more often?
  3. Um, that whole resumes and job interviews and job gettings bit I mentioned above. Turns out the process can be incredibly quick here. Like, dropping a resume off and then starting the job one week later quick.Thus we might wait a bit on this one and just enjoy the city from our funemployed point of view.
  4. Set up our little apartment. We're talking spoons, towels, blender, cleaning supplies, hand soap... should be a bit of an adventure to track down everything on our list!
  5. Look for our longterm home. My requirements? Big windows to let the air blow through and limit use of  both AC and lights (energy is muy expensivo here!) and a balcony. And lots of geckos.

All in all, I'm back to the land of sink showers and I'm loving it!
Too jet-lagged to eat, but still excited out of our skulls!
Have you ever moved to a different country? How did it go for you? Did you enjoy the process? Please do tell me in the comments! 

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. SEE!? Really an expatriate!!