Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Beginnings = Self Improvement = The Transitory Expat Way?

Lovelies, it has been an INTENSE almost-week so far!

Been delightfully busy with meeting new friends, figuring how how to direct tuk-tuks through the streets, purchasing some basic appliances and food, and now we're onto apartment hunting.  Oh ya - AND I've already got a one week gig tutoring the housekeeper of a new friend as she crams for a test! 

Cambo is HOPPING!

Between that delightful list of recent pursuits and the extreme effort of getting used to the heavy and unrelenting heat here, I'm actually shocked to have had time for introspection. And yet...

Definitely not to speak for all expats, but for me, one of the biggest thrills of moving countries each year or so is the blank sheet of paper in front of you. Packing my suitcase feels the same way as packing my backpack for new year of school used to feel. I like it! 

Each time, I get excited thinking about all the things I could adjust to make life even more rockin. I guess I'm a little self-improvement obsessed? This time I've been thinking: 

"Hey - I'm 25, and I'm still making the same mistakes again and again - and 
really obvious ones at that. Shall we get on that, Lady E?'

Thus, I bring you my current self-improvement list for the new locale. AKA...


1. Drink an effing load more water!

This one takes on a new kind of importance here. Forget to hydrate and you are left feeling less than garbage, or, y'know - dead. Water, agua, dtouk - however one says it, it's got to constantly be going in.  

2. Stop picking at my skin! 

UGH I am the WORST about this. Why, oh lovelies, is it so entertaining and accomplishment-rush-inducing to poke around in the ol' epidermis!? Self-restraint is SO much less fun than getting gunk out of pores... though perhaps more fun than scars?

3. Quit rubbing my poor eyes!

So this one I started rocking when I was at my parents' home with their sweetie baby kittens... who I just so happen to be mostly allergic to. It's become a bit of a reflex now, which I'm pretty sure is a beyond horrible thing considering how little I'm stoked for wrinkles. Yikes.

4. Keep my dirty oily germy hands away from my face!

So, my lovely Mom is a nurse and she firmly maintains that one should never ever touch one's visage. Which makes sense! That's the thing that makes me most grumpy - these things all check both the 'logical' and 'obvious' box! Oh dear. 

5. Rock the abs upon awakening! 

How much better would my life get if I actually did the 20 crunches I always mean to do in the morning? Maybe not, like, a million times better, but I'd get a lovely feeling of accomplishment, a touch of endorphins, and maybe even a toned tummy out of the deal. And it's so eeeeeeeasy! 

Well, onwards and upwards: let's get started!

Lovelies - please share! Do you do any of these? Any others?! Tell me below! 

xx Lady Expatriate