Sunday, 22 July 2012

Loveliest Links

View from the balcony of my new apartment! Central Phnom Penh

Happy Sunday, lovelies! Been a mighty busy week on my end, finding our new apartment and then setting it all up. Busy but wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful, here's a few links I've been digging this week: 

<3 This profile of an 8 month pregnant Olympian is a great read. Aren't you curious about what sport she'll be competing in?!

<3 Cheeky Cheeky blog (one of my faves) wrote a great post about maintaining long distance relationships with your BFFs - one of the most important things for expats with a one of a kind pal at home or in another country. 

<3 So, I didn't know ski ballet existed. But it does. (Did?)

<3 This incredible fall collection from designer Ulyana Sergeenko is just devastatingly beautiful. The hats, the hoods, the skirts, the coats... They're half costumes for an incredible play, half things I want to wear everyday. But maybe not in Cambodia. Um, maybe more back in Canada. 
<3 Beautylish blog first alerted me to the fantasy world created by Kirsty Mitchell in her photographs. Think haute couture fairy tales, think no expense spared styling. Check out the full set at her divine website here.

Howie's Bar! My dad's name is Howard, so this pic was promptly sent to him. Slightly dingy but delightful late-night hangout in the Penh.

Best wishes for the week ahead! :)

xx Lady Expatriate