Sunday, 1 July 2012

Juicy July Goals

Bet you didn't know this, but I am a compulsive list-maker and goal-setter. Bit of a easy joke around these parts to tease the kid with the notepad in her pocket.

Easy as to shake them off though, and leaves me more time alone with my precious precious list of goals...
My new apartment?!

JULY! Kind of a big month: countdown is set at 10 days til airport buh-byes to my family, who I won't be seeing for over a year. Moving to Cambodia is going to be full-on at first with running around to find an apartment and a job, in addition to all the other crazy admin stuff. Yikes!

Now I'm just making myself anxious... shall we get to the goals?!

  1. Get a job in Cambo
  2. Find a beauty apartment in Cambo
  3. Finish up all Canadian banking stuff
  4. Sort out my Dad's and my Grandma's birthday presents and homemade cards before I leave
  5. Finish 5 more sessions of Elsie's Blog Love E-Course 
  6. Read The Great Gatsby and 3 other books

Of COURSE I have a million more small things I aim to achieve this month, but these are my Big Picture goals. The important fellas. 

Wish me luck! I'll letcha know how I've done in approx 31 short days... 

Do you make lists? About what? Please leave me a comment and let me know I'm not alone!  :)

xx Lady Expatriate 

P.S. HAPPY CANADA DAY! Pretty excited to be celebrating in Canada for the first time in four years... off to a concert in a field with Rural Alberta Advantage, Death Cab for Cutie, and The New Pornographers!