Friday, 6 July 2012

Countdown to Cambo: 5 Big Sleeps!

So, remember that last countdown post  when I listed all the cutesie things on my To Do Before Takeoff list? Like eating my Mom's cooking and stuff? Um, well now it's down to *gulp* less than a week... 29% less than a week... and the list has only grown.

Let's see. Start with the positive? Things that are done and dusted: 

  • Passports photocopied - Partner In Crime and I carry one of each of us, then my parents keep an extra copy somewhere safe: better safe than ____
  • Flight itinerary printed - kind of brutal to read duration = over 40 hours.... 
  • Have sorted through bags of business clothes that I brought home from Korea (SO not ready to ditch summer skirts for dress pants!)
  • Have closed down my accounts with one of the two Canadian banks I was dealing with - dealing with one bank is rubbish enough, amirite?!

I want to go to there.

Sitting pretty on the 'To Be Done POST HASTE' list:

  • Get international driver's permit - need it for a goal coming up for the year ahead :)
  • Pick up a few more toiletry items - doesn't seem like a bad idea to stock up on fave deoderent
  • Return my library books (important!!)
  • Host my buddy from Australia for the weekend I crazy to be hosting right before I leave?! Maybe! 
  • Re-write cover letter - by which I mean, uh, write a cover letter. Yup. 
  • Birthday prezzies! Need to leave some pretty things behind for Grandma and Daddio

So, it's stressful, but I kind of have to say I love it. The stress, the rapidly approaching deadlines, running around and getting stuff done... it all adds up to a ridiculous sense of anticipation of the adventure ahead! Not to mention it's all kind of necessary... y'know when you're moving away for an indeterminate amount of time... to a developing world... in Asia...

This time next week, I'll be kicking it in Phnom Penh!

xx Lady Expatriate