Monday, 30 July 2012

"Airport: Fashionable Disco Flights"

Okay, so I had to leave you hanging for one extra day, mostly because I was in denial forgot that my home internet was just as painfully unstable as the hotel's... 

ANYway, shall we refresh the riddle?

What has propellers, lofts, sand, and an elaborate selection of liqueurs?! 

Answer? Airport Bar in Sihanoukville! 

Located at Liberty Beach, about a $5 tuk-tuk ride from the heart of the city, this bar is definitely worth the trip. Don't believe me? Check out these pics!

Yeah, that's an airplane. In the bar. With lofts, and liqueurs, just like the riddle said! Where's the sand, you ask?

Ta-da! G'day view from the bar.

And, as you can so clearly see from my well-chosen vantage point, the bar is shaped like an airport hangar. Cooool.
Answer to the question on everyone's mind: Yes, you CAN go up into the plane! But you must pay. 2000 Riel. So, fifty US cents. Um, actually I never went up into it. Has this ripped a jarring, chasm-ous, and unforgiveable tear in the completeness of my photo essay? Yikes, maybe.

Gorgeous vintage photos and posters covered the walls of the lounge inside. I really dig this gal - reckon she'd be up for a pint and a laugh.
Not many people know this, but if you get a straw in the fresh coconut, and a straw in the wine, the combined flavour of sipping both at the same time is actually terrible.

I broke at least one of these rules. Guess?

Beach shot. Please note lack of everyone. Basically a secluded little gem of a beach.

Gratuitous palm tree + beach shot. 

These boats are not lacking in the character.
I must have taken about 50 photos of this water buffalo statue. It's so random and delightful. We actually had my friend convinced it was real for over a minute. And he was certifiably sober.
TO SUM UP: Are you looking for a fashionable disco flight? Then Airport is your one-stop-shop! Unless you actually want to fly somewhere. And you actually want to listen to disco. And you count 'fashion' as something other than bathing suit + cover-up. Then, not.

Do tell: Have you been to any bars that really floated your boat? Have you, in fact, been to this bar? Supposing you haven't, do you reckon you'd care to? Please let me know in the comments!

xx Lady Expatriate