Friday, 22 June 2012

These are a few of my favourite things: Hark! A Vagrant

OH how I always adore when Kate Beaton updates her blog with her pee-your-pants funny interpretations of historical figures and literary characters.

Just so happens she writes the smartest comic strips around. She's got your tragic Shakespearean characters, she's got your Austen Mania, she's got pirates and Canadian Prime Ministers for days!

Hark A Vagrant Book

Why, yes, that is a library tag. Heavy library user when I'm home - libraries, eff ya!! (Feel free to quote me.) That being said, I need this book in my life, and plan on supporting this lovely Canadian author with my dollars. Reckon it's worthy of a spot in my backpack!

For those of you who wish to bask in the intelligence and pen flicks of Kate Beaton, she regularly posts strips on her blog.

Here's one of my favourites about Canadian stereotypes.
Oo oo I love how she does this with book covers.
How could I not include one about Wonder Woman?!
Last one: Hipsters.

Pretty good, riiiiiight?!

xx Lady Expatriate

P.S. Congrats to Kate on her stunning cover of The Walrus!
P.P.S. I think this one might actually be my favourite...