Thursday, 21 June 2012

Our Dear Lady Expatriate is a Poseur?! Gasp!

Okay - yes - so it might appear that I have done a rather poor job of selecting a name for my online persona, but I promise 'tis not at all insincere! I believe now would be just the perfect time to clear up all the rumors circulating about.


Canadian, though I have neither a maple leaf tattoo nor a flag backpack patch. However, shall make no claims in regards to 'eh' being an incorrect stereotype... 

This is not, in fact, on my body. Via.

Countries lived in? 

2 stints in Korea (um, South - you would be surprised how many people ask to clarify this!), and a year living it up in Australia.

This is North Korea. No, Mom, this isn't the one I lived in.

Financed how?

By being a complete cliche, but of course. Which is to say: practicing my profession of English Language Instructor. I've worked in a public high school (Korea), a university (Australia), and a private kindergarten (Korea, once more).

Part of my day job. No, seriously.
I can't pretend I wasn't lovin it.


So now you're buying a house on a leafy-tree-lined street in suburban Ontario?

Much to my parents' deep dismay, no. As I speak (type), my bag is once again starting to be packed and international paperwork is being completed with the countdown set at about 3 weeks. Off to seek my fortune in Cambodia, handsome Partner In Crime at my side!

So HA! NOT a poseur! At least not in this regard... 

xx Lady Expatriate


  1. You are so worldly, I'm seriously jealous. I can count the number of times I've left the country on one hand, though they were all fun times.

    I especially love your Snow White costume! I have dressed up as Snow White twice for Halloween :)

  2. Hey Lindsay! Thanks for the sweet comments! Where did you go when you traveled?

    Love that you've rocked the Snow White look twice! She really does have the best outfit of all the Disney princesses... :)


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