Thursday, 21 June 2012

Our Dear Lady Expatriate is a Poseur?! Gasp!

Okay - yes - so it might appear that I have done a rather poor job of selecting a name for my online persona, but I promise 'tis not at all insincere! I believe now would be just the perfect time to clear up all the rumors circulating about.


Canadian, though I have neither a maple leaf tattoo nor a flag backpack patch. However, shall make no claims in regards to 'eh' being an incorrect stereotype... 

This is not, in fact, on my body. Via.

Countries lived in? 

2 stints in Korea (um, South - you would be surprised how many people ask to clarify this!), and a year living it up in Australia.

This is North Korea. No, Mom, this isn't the one I lived in.

Financed how?

By being a complete cliche, but of course. Which is to say: practicing my profession of English Language Instructor. I've worked in a public high school (Korea), a university (Australia), and a private kindergarten (Korea, once more).

Part of my day job. No, seriously.
I can't pretend I wasn't lovin it.


So now you're buying a house on a leafy-tree-lined street in suburban Ontario?

Much to my parents' deep dismay, no. As I speak (type), my bag is once again starting to be packed and international paperwork is being completed with the countdown set at about 3 weeks. Off to seek my fortune in Cambodia, handsome Partner In Crime at my side!

So HA! NOT a poseur! At least not in this regard... 

xx Lady Expatriate