Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wonder How Many Blogs Get Started Each Day?!

With fellow ladies at Angkor Wat.

Oh shit. Now I've really done it.
I've read blogs maniacally for over four years, I've researched the pros of blogger vs. wordpress, I've created an account and settled for a slightly different user name than intended, and now...

What the hell am I gonna write!? 

Wait, calm down, this has obviously been considered. Entire afternoons were spent brainstorming in my fave Seoul cafe. The obvious place to start for content considerations lies in the title: I am indeed a lady, though not in the sense of the old saying "If you have to say you're a lady you're not", and I am indeed (usually) an expat. Thus, as one blessed with more logic than I usually exhibit would note, I will be writing about things that seem relevant to us ladies trying to hack it abroad. 

Anything else?! Why, yes. Every blogger advice section suggests the same main theme: write about what you know and love.

I know and love: 
  • fashion, though am just figuring this out (blue and green must never be seen, something something?)
  • trying to understand how to be a real adult with my meager amounts of money 
  • books, glorious books 
  • travel in general  (and in specific)
  • running my pants off 
  • teaching English using my spiffy English teaching skills
  • starting to figure out how to do that thing where you feed yourself interesting things with many ingredients 

So, yes. Now who wants to pay me for advertising!? Kidding, kidding... 

xx Lady Expatriate