Thursday, 21 June 2012

Not Unclothed: First Outfit Du Jour

So, all of my favorite fab style blogs (Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess, Kaleigh Hamilton, and Katie) make outfit posts look romantic, sophisticated, fun, and brimming with confidence. I wonder if they've ever felt as silly as I felt this morning?

Partner In Crime agreed to be the photog, and he ended up getting pretty into it: giving direction, making me twirl, encouraging me to fake playing with my hair... just hope he realizes he'll be doing this once a week for a good long while!

I wonder if other people end up feeling a bit narcissistic when they do shoots like these? I mean -it's not like I made the dress, I just decided to wear it and count it as worthy of being featured on my blog (the concept of which, one could argue, is narcissistic in and of itself, but I digress)... oh dear, now I've gone and over-thought what was meant to be a spot of fluffy fun.

Pretty dresses! Flowers! Shiny things! Wheeeee!                                    

Location: My parents' backyard in Ontario
Dress: Thrifted in Ontario
Sunnies: My Dad's 25 year old Vuarnets 
Brooch (in hair): My Great Grandmother's
Cameo Necklace:  From a market in Korea, gift from P.I.C. 

xx Lady Expatriate


  1. This is perfect! and I know what you mean about that feeling. It's always a little weird at first, butn now I don't even think about that. haha it's second nature to me now.

    found the route

  2. Haha thanks for reassuring me, Kim! I'm looking forward to when the 'second nature' part comes to me. :)

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment, too. My first one!


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