Thursday, 21 June 2012

Not Unclothed: First Outfit Du Jour

So, all of my favorite fab style blogs (Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess, Kaleigh Hamilton, and Katie) make outfit posts look romantic, sophisticated, fun, and brimming with confidence. I wonder if they've ever felt as silly as I felt this morning?

Partner In Crime agreed to be the photog, and he ended up getting pretty into it: giving direction, making me twirl, encouraging me to fake playing with my hair... just hope he realizes he'll be doing this once a week for a good long while!

I wonder if other people end up feeling a bit narcissistic when they do shoots like these? I mean -it's not like I made the dress, I just decided to wear it and count it as worthy of being featured on my blog (the concept of which, one could argue, is narcissistic in and of itself, but I digress)... oh dear, now I've gone and over-thought what was meant to be a spot of fluffy fun.

Pretty dresses! Flowers! Shiny things! Wheeeee!                                    

Location: My parents' backyard in Ontario
Dress: Thrifted in Ontario
Sunnies: My Dad's 25 year old Vuarnets 
Brooch (in hair): My Great Grandmother's
Cameo Necklace:  From a market in Korea, gift from P.I.C. 

xx Lady Expatriate